#EggMyths Twitter Party

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What do these three things have in common?

  1. Brown and white eggs have different nutritional value.
  2. An egg a day is bad for your health.
  3. You can tell the quality and freshness of an egg by the colour of the yolk.


These three things are FALSE. Many myths surround eggs and we want you to join us on February 9th to help bust those #EggMyths, have fun Eggspressing yourself and have a chance to win prizes!


Join the #EggMyths Twitter party on February 9th at 9 pm EST!


Grand Prizes 1 & 2:

1 of 2 – 16 GB iPad Mini’s + $125 Burnbrae Farms gift Basket (ARV: $450/prize pack – total for both $900)

Second Place Prize:

$250 spa gift card – pamper yourself with a day at the spa + $125 Burnbrae Farms gift basket (ARV: $375)

Additional Prizes:

7 additional Burnbrae Farms gift baskets including $50 Visa gift card for groceries (ARV: $125/gift basket – total for all 7 prize packs $875)


Grand total value of all prizes = $2150


Come join us for some great conversation, prizing and FUN! RSVP below, prizing is open to residents of Canada 18+, excluding Quebec.

RSVP Below by adding your Twitter name (ie. @SJConsulting_CA) in the Name field and your Twitter link (ie. https://twitter.com/SJConsulting_CA) in the URL field
Official rules and regulations for the Twitter Party can be seen HERE.